Help with webull


Who knows how I can find stocks with large volumes trading and high short interest on webull?

Thank you!

Sir this is a Trading 212 community forum.

Memes aside and to your actual question, I don’t know if webull has a screener in-app as I’ve never used it but you could use finviz Free Stock Screener for US stocks, just select Average volume and Float short. If you don’t want to use the screener and just want a list: (can’t speak about data accuracy as multiple sources contradict each other)


Many thanks! @Etypsyno

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Where can i find short interest for UK/LSE stocks, many thanks

yahoo finance lists it if available (but for UK stocks they don’t seem to have it), personally haven’t looked much at UK stocks so there are definitely people who know more about that. I know Ortex is highly regarded but not cheap and don’t know if they have accurate data on UK stocks

GME example: GameStop Corp., NYSE:GME | Short Interest | Flagged Changes | Largest Shorts | Cost To Borrow - ORTEX

So in short, I don’t know :man_shrugging:

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