Here is what is wrong with the new app

Here is a simple illustration of the difference between the Original Trading212 App on a 6in phone and the new App for the same sized phone. The new version is an ergonomic mess, a GUI catastrophe lol. How could we have evolved into something this poorly executed? It would work on a 42 inch display but not on a 6inch phone. The usability has been lost in favour of features (many of which are totally pointless). I wouldn’t even say this is the foundation of an improvement, its regression. An app needs to be fast, energy efficient, useful and free of bloat. It also needs to be able to be used whilst walking and set up in seconds. This isnt efficient or useful in any way and eats phone battery.
Polynomial Regression Chanels are also removed from the new app which makes it even more useless for me as i use them in my trading. The first image is the original app and the rest are the new one. Be careful what you wish for is the lesson.

Original app (lacked a few minor features but worked great)

New Nightmare phone app


From what i gather, up until now they have been developing and maintaining separate apps, phone, tablet, desktop etc. Its obviously a lot of work. I believe now they are moving over to just one app supporting all platforms.

I believe this might explain the current issues with the user interface.

Could a solution be that there is a scroll bar if the resolution / screen size is within set parameters?

I mean it works both ways - this is worth because of X, but could be improved if it was possible to do Y perhaps?

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I still haven’t got the update so I am not speaking from experience, but I think it’s obvious - the developers did not choose to add “36 Buttons on a 6-inch display” - their choice was more simple - replace their simple in-house charts with TradingView.

For people that are familiar with TradingView, this is a godsend. For others (I guess you are in this bucket) - it’s too much to handle. I think this fullscreen chart is supposed to be “advanced”, unlike the basic chart on each stock screen.

I’ll share my opinion again when I get the update.

I think the issues will be obvious to you once you get the update. It’s already out on Android and it’s as the pictures show. On a small display it’s trying to do far too much. Trading view doesn’t work well on a phone once you start trying to use it as intended. The display 8s too small and it just becomes a mess fast. Previously I could monitor my trading whilst walking with the wife in town. Now you have to stop and mess with it for 5 minutes and as you may know, a lot can happen in that time.