Higher price than the normal value

Why for the ticker OPYGY the price to buy is 91.77$ but the normal priceis 81.74$ ? Is there a comission added or why? Also what percentage is the tax for this ticker based on the fact that it is from Russia ?

what do you mean by normal price?

There’s no volume in the stock. They won’t be getting a feed.

No volume. Price shown in chart will be the last traded price (what you would call “normal price”), but price you will get from a market order will be the first limit selling price in the order book.

On highly liquid stocks, first book buy, last realized, and first book sell prices tend to be very tight, with a lot of activity.
On more illiquid securities, it is possible to have a huge spread, while seeing a certain last realized price, nobody else in that market is interested to sell for that low

Advise is to place a purchase with a limit order, to guarantee the price you are willing to pay. (Same for selling).

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