Highland Gold Mining

Hi All

Just wondered if anyone has had an issue receiving full funds re compulsory sale of shares in relation to acquisition of Highland Gold Mining by Fortiana Holdings Ltd on 19 Nov?

I held 68.5 shares which I understand were sold at a share price of £3.00 each; however, my T212 transaction account shows that a deposit of just £35.90 was made on 19 Nov rather than £205.50 in relation to this transaction and, of course, the shares have gone.

Highland Gold Mining HGM UK 68.5 £3.00 £205.50

I have notified T212 and requested clarification.

Anyone else in this situation?



:wave: Hi JDW,

Let me help you break down the numbers. £205.50 will be the size of your whole investment value, which contains invested capital of £169.6 plus the profit from your trade £35.9. As you acknowledged £35.9 is the result of your position witch is visualized at your transaction tab, and £169.6 is relisted back to your Free for stocks tab.

Hi L.Mar

Thanks for this response. How can I see the transaction within ‘Free for stocks’ tab as you say? I can only see a total amount there - I can’t see a breakdown.



I will PM you with more information.