How Often Should i Reallocate?

I’ve started this AutoInvest Plan Yesterday and I noticed you can Rebalance and Reallocate Percentage points, Is it worth reallocating more on the one thats Currently doing the best or is that a risky move?

It’s hard to say are they not doing well after 1 day. If your goal is to buy and hold, you don’t need to do anything.

Personally, I’m not a ‘buy and hold’ person so I like to back my winners and cut my losers in an iterative ongoing process with a little bit of trial and error involved.

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Yeah I may Balance them out more But I’ll try forget about it for a while since I’m trying to hold for a while. And I’m guessing you buy and sell yours but if any are doing bad for you you completely drop them and put more into the winner? Sounds like a 50/50 chance trial and error but that’s the fun part about making your own strategy.

I very rarely sell at a loss. I’m comfortable letting things go into the red as patience usually pays off and they go green again. If my choices are continuously in the red, I may decide to eventually cut them.

With the exception being dividend stocks. I don’t expect these to have high growth. I still want some growth, but it will be slower.

I think it’s ridiculous to cut off companies in the red if they’re solid companies or ETFs like above. It’s a good time to put more in, cutting a loss is just asking to lose money.

I believe you are way micromanaging, best thing you should do, research, make plan, execute, set auto invest. Then uninstall the app and let it grow.

Meanwhile learn the market, maybe after some time then start putting 5-10% of monthly investment in new “pie” or play with it more. But keep the original pie on auto pilot…

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I agree with ETFs that they should be bought and held.

As I said though, I don’t buy to hold. I trade daily or weekly apart from my dividend stocks. So it’s a constant cycle of backing winners and cutting losers.

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Yeah it’s way too early to cut any off and I’ll probably try trading on practice mode

If your goal is long term investing there is really no need to cut any at all. Just do your research, find the stocks you think will grow, and hold.

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Yeah definitely Will do thanks