How to pay taxes on gains?

Hello, I live in Israel and I just sold some stocks and I need to pay 25% gains tax, but the problem is that these stocks are in USD, and I need to pay taxes in ILS. so according to Israeli tax laws, the tax I need to pay should be according to the USD/ILS rate at the time of purchase. I don’t know what was the rate at the time of purchase for each stock, so how can I calculate the taxes? t212 doesn’t support ILS as a currency so they don’t show the rate for each transaction…

If you google “USD/ILS historical exchange rate” you will find many resources

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Goggle Sheets is very good for automating your calculations. This

=+index(GOOGLEFINANCE("USDILS" ,"price",date(2020,7,1)),2,2)

will give exchange rate on a date. You will need the rate both at the day of purchase and also at day of sale.