How to sell a part of the position without disabling the stop loss?

Is there a way to liquidate part of my position without having the previously inserted SL deactivated? For example, let’s say that I currently own 10 Tesla shares and have set up an SL with them. If I wanted to liquidate half of my position with a market order, would there be a way to keep the SL active for the 5 remaining Tesla shares?

I understand very well that to re-insert a SL manually would not take more than a minute, however as rare as it is, it is still possible to suffer a loss due to an unexpected fluctuation of the market.

If you are holding 10 shares at an avg of say 400 per share, if you sold half your avg is still 400 for the remaining 5 shares.

Are you talking about Stop Loss (CFD) or do you mean Sell Stop (Invest)?

I’m talking about the sell stop (invest)

If the remaining number of shares you have after selling some is less than the number in the stop sell order, the order will have to be cancelled, it cannot be auto adjusted to match your remaining shares

Edit: You can do it the other way round, reduce the number in your stop order then sell the remaining shares or some of them.

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