I want to purchase thomas cook shares

Hi, i noticed Thomas Cook is available on your platform to purchase, however when i attempted to purchase shares, my order was rejected on 3 occasions!

Can you please offer some assistance?

Thomas Cook does not exist anymore.

Read the news, a chinese investor company recently acquired and will be bringing them back again

bringing them back is not the same as already gone under. the listing is there because people still have holdings of thomas cook. whether or not the shares become available to trade in the market is a separate matter that will have to wait until after the chinese investor has indeed relaunched the company. then it’ll depend on whether its private/public when they do so.

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I love that someone can get annoyed that their order won’t magically go through on a stock that hasn’t traded for almost a year now, or that an article about planning a revival will make it start working again “just like that”.

5 seconds of DD on wiki

Thomas Cook was listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Thomas Cook Group ceased trading on 23 September 2019.


I was just typing a similar reply. Also the article they link advising ‘read the news’ clearly states the brand is owned by the Fosun Group a Chinese conglomerate.