I was promised compensation for McAfee, now T212 support are saying I won't get it - ✅ Resolved

Bit of background, there was a McAfee IPO that was opened by T212 too early (before the buy and sell prices were corrected), so the buy was $25.01 and sell was $1.00 which it has never been in the stock’s history.

Once I got the McAfee IPO notification and I went onto it, 100 positions McAfee was bought which immediately dropped to $1 each and made me -€2041.04 the second the buy went through, and auto-closed my Tesla shares at a loss of -€494.73. Somehow it kept the McAfee position open.

McAfee is now -€578.12 as the correct prices were updated.

My friend had the same thing happen at a loss of almost -£25k so I created a forum post here about it, and he ended up getting refunded everything the same day (McAfee loss + everything lost from existing stocks that were forced to close).

So I reach out to chat support and they assure me that it was a “fake quote” and that “all affected clients are being compensated”, which is pretty much what I read from T212 admins in my forum post.

I eventually got my money for Tesla refunded, but now I’m being told the the McAfee buy was legitimate and that I’m not owed anything. This contradicts everything they said as Tesla was refunded since it was wrongfully closed by McAfee.

Please help me, I’ve been waiting for so many days to get this resolved and I don’t understand why T212 are contradicting what they themselves said in the forum and chat.

I’ve added screenshots for everything - the moment the order went through, the tesla closing 1ms after, them saying it’s a “fake quote”, them confirming I’ll be compensated for tesla & mcafee, my refund for tesla (basically confirming that it was wrongfully closed), then finally another support person completely contradicting everything and saying I’m not getting anything back and that $25 was the correct buy price.

Images below. I’ve named each file in a way that anyone can see what each image is about, hope that helps.

Thanks for anyone who took the time to read, and hope to get this resolved ASAP.


Here’s my previous forum post which was resolved as my friend and others that commented were compensated: Forum post

I can see on TradingView and Finviz that the highest price was $19.78

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They have come back before with actual data from a bloomberg terminal or whatever and gave proof that it was a real price. Hopefully they can do the same for you.

See here: CFD Position automatically closed without the share hitting the price - ✅ Solved

And here: Can a spread be this big!? 19p spread

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Hello @bt101,

Sorry for the caused confusion. To make things right, if you close your position in a timely manner, the loss will be fully compensated.

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Okay peter i will close now?

Hi Peter,
I just closed the position. Can you now please compensate.
Thanking you

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