[i18n][DE/German] Monthly email report says I bought shares whereas they were sold

So basically I was getting rid of some REITs, and today I got my monthly email report and since my account language is in German, in the report under the ‘Direction’ (Richtung) tab, it says ‘Bought’ (Kaufen) whereas it should show ‘Sold/Closed’ (Verkaufen/Verkauft).

CC: @Theo

The monthly email shows the original direction, which is BUY in Invest. When you move to the right you will see the closing informaiion.

I see what you mean but that is not correct. I didn’t buy them this month. They are from earlier this year.

Also there is not point showing original direction in a ‘monthly report’. I read previous monthly reports also, it is the same mistake or intended mistake.

Would be nice to hear from the Team to know why it says BUY where it should say SELL