[i18n] German/DE translation string concatenation issue in AutoInvest/Pies

As the title says and the images show, the section where it should say when the next deposit is due, the date is combined with the initial string without a blankspace.

Please note the red underlining in the screenshots attached.

Device: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus running Android 10 with T212 Play Store latest beta from 26.10.

CC: @Tony.V @David


Thank you for notifying us, saifali. It has been fixed and the change will be visible shortly. :white_check_mark:

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@Theo while you are at it, please fix this also:

This not a language specific mistake, the ticker AMS is on the SIX exchange, whenever we place an order and go to the order history, AMS always is shown as ‘ams’ while every other ticker is properly capitalized/styled.

I’ve traded over 200 different tickers in T212 and this is the only ticker with this issue, my OCD makes me wish this was fixed. :slight_smile:

Actually, this one is in lower case on purpose. While it may seem out of place, it is how this particular ticker is commonly displayed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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