IAG Rights Issue

Could you send a link to this if you have it? More out of curiosity than anything, thanks! :smiley:

So I’m in for a very small initial investment, although this RI stuff is confusing me.

I was told to research New World Oil and Gas to see what could happen, if shares were potentially, oversubscribed.

All I can make out of it is someone bought 50% of the company by accident, leading to the biggest short squeeze in history!

Can someone from Trading 212 explain what this screenshot means and when can I expect to see my new shares?

I think it means that the initial conversion rate of EUR/GBP used for the payment of your RI shares was not correct and you got refunded your overpayment due to the conversion.

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The difference between the conversion rate used for the proposal and the actual rate when subscriptions were accepted and charged was returned to the eligible accounts. Shares are yet to be distributed. @Drunkebab

Thanks @PeterA, and can I just double check that the system knows not to count that credit as an additional subscription to ISAs?

Presume there would have been some sort of warning but as this seems an automated system exercise there might be a risk of that…? Cheers

Sure its

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@Joey_Fantana It won’t be counted as an additional subscription. :slight_smile:

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It states that no broker has distributed shares yet but according to LSE message board for IAG, some brokers have, Hargreaves Landsdown being one.

What’s the forum this is at?

Seems like a mixed bag. Some people at HL have received their shares and it looks like some haven’t, and no one has received any here.

New shares received and average price looks the better for it.

One question @PeterA: can we see the new new shares reflected in the history please?

Many thanks

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Trading 212 just message me that my right issue (IAG Shares) have been completed, checked all good and the shares price is on the way up…

Agree, we should be able to see the share information following the rights issue in the history.

I’m still 22% down but that better than 53% down a week ago.

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27% and dropping for me, IAG not looking as rosy as RR this morning!

Still average share price is much better for the future now!

As the gentlemen above stated:

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG) Rights Issue has been completed. The newly issued shares have been allocated to the eligible accounts, which were notified.


And again @PeterA, just in case my prior post was unclear, are these added shares going to be reflected our personal Instrument history?

And if not, can it be? I’d feel more comfortable with the added transparency.

Appreciated. Cheers

Hello @Joey_Fantana,

The system currently does not reflect the distribution as an actual buy, which will be fixed in the near future for the events to come. What it does now is increase the total amount of the position and adjust the avg. price to reflect the added Q x subscription price.

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Thanks for confirming @PeterA and yes that would be a very welcome fix when it comes.

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I would also like to highlight the Avg price…
Currently the Avg price for IAG is slightly higher, as it also account the conversion fx fee that been return to our account as free money.
Can this also be looked into…

All in all, great work Team212 with smooth RI you guys deserve :clap:.