If I die..... When I die..... 😆

Who would inherit my shares as an Invest user?

Does 212 have a norminated beneficiary system to allow me to pass these on to someone? in the untimely scenario I die before cashing in and closing down my account myself?

Can I nominate family to inherit these, or would anyone know they even exist on my death and pass them on?



Where do you think all the free shares they give out come from? 🤷🏽
But seriously, try having a search, here’s two:

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So in another words the family or person has to come asking? with the death certificate.

There is no way to nominate people like a pension?

The first one wins :grin:

You can share your credentials with the person that you want to inherit your account .


The first one that would come asking probably isn’t the most deserving or should have them :rofl:

Also sharing credentials is no good, as they would only be able to withdraw them to my bank account, and that would mean sharing bank details with them to transfer them out in to theirs, which is all technically very dodgy after death.

A way to inherit the account or nominate person(s) to benefit from it would be ideal.

To be fair, ill probably be bankrupt by then anyway :joy:


lol “To be fair, ill probably be bankrupt by then anyway”

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I’m wondering if no one will show up, will it just DRIP…forever?

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Jokes aside, there was a study that the investors with the biggest returns are the ones who lost their password, forget about the account or …died.
Buy and hold(in to good companies, not speculative) is the best strategy. Period.


If you have a statement of your shares then you should include them in your will, if you dont then they could be lost forever.
The first thing my other half said when I started buying was “show me how to get access then just incase anything happens”. They say they don’t care about the money :thinking:

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I know it’s a morbid topic, but I’m keen to make sure I have all my life admin in order…

I was wondering how straight forward it is for T212 to transfer investments to the beneficiary of an estate when a customer passes?

Is there anything we should be doing now or is it as simple as just passing on the @help e mail address on to our loved ones so they know there is cash invested with T212?


The help centre explains the steps to take in the event of the death of the account holder.


There is one issue not addressed in answers above is how the stock positions can be relocated with the beneficiaries.

As Trading 212 has no in specie transfer as yet, probably investments will all have to be sold for cash. This is not ideal as my surviving partner would lose out, even if repurchasing the same stocks. I am hoping I live to see the day that in specie transfer becomes possible with Trading 212. Other brokers would be able to transfer the deceased stock directly to any investment accounts of beneficiaries.

When a person dies their spouse receives an additional ISA allowance that year equal to the value of the deceased person’s ISAs, so that amount of money can remain tax sheltered.


Lmaoooooooooooooo that made me laugh

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