Improved timescale on CFD additions

I’d like to see an improved timescale on CFD additions, it’s usually a month+ currently.

Some examples from my posts:

DNAA requested August - added November
TINV requested November - added January
SATX requested November - added January
PAFO requested December - not added.
BRAC requested 19th Jan - not added as of yet.

I’ve used T212 for 3 years and additions used to be super speedy but reviews are definitely taking a lot longer than they used to! Is CFD being deprioritised?

Hey, @Darryl.

Pacifico Acquisition Corp (PAFO) (which is now Caravelle International (CACO)) and Broad Capital Acquisition Corp. (BRAC) won’t be available as CFD due to low market caps.

We’ve already taken measures to reduce the wait time for adding new instruments. Thanks for your contribution.

Thanks for coming back to me Michael,

Any guidance on what T212 constitutes a low market cap? I note for BRAC for example that the market cap is $160m but there’s tonnes far lower than that on CFD currently?


@Darryl, given that the market cap criteria are dynamic and dependent on market conditions, it is challenging to provide precise numbers. Nevertheless, we strive to fulfil as many requests as possible, and each suggestion is welcome.