Inconsistent miscellaneous things between platforms

Hi, I have used trading212 for 2 months in 3 different platforms: PC, android phone and Ipad. There are some miscellaneous things ,in my opinion, should be fixed to maintain consistency between platforms.

  1. PC: Undoubtedly, the web app is the ultimate tools since it gives user many tools to tinker around. However, unlike mobile app, there is no trading history of each share.

  2. Ipad: The UI is great, landscape mode quite annoying at first but not really an issue. The real problem is while Web app and android app allow to search and to view instrument without adding to any list, the iOS app does not such action, it forces user to add to a list in order to view instrument.

  3. Android: This one is amazing, in fact, I find it more superior than other platform. Still, I wish there is filter in History trading, especially in Order. For instance, users can see only Bought order. Or better, the ability to see profit or loss of that day.