Incorrect Error Messages for Stop Losses

I can’t find an obvious way to report this to T212 so hoping they pick up on it here. It’s relatively minor but…

  • If I have a stop loss set on a share I own and then, in future, I try to add a stop loss to the same share again I get a strange error saying ‘to sell this security you must buy it first’. This happens every now and again when I forget I had already set a stop loss a while ago, so rather than editing the existing stop loss I try adding a new one. The error has confused me numerous times until I realised. What it should say is ‘you already have a stop loss set on this security, please edit that one’. The error it does display is totally unrelated to the user issue that’s triggering the error.

Another small point… If I have a stop loss set on a share and then sell, say, half the shares I own in that company, an error appears in the app saying ‘order cancelled - you do not have enough funds available’. It’s another confusing error that makes me think my sell order was cancelled (rather than my stop loss order, which is actually the case).

Like I say, minor problems but the app is such an amazing user experience otherwise, I thought it worth pointing out!