Instant bank payment should be credited immediately

Hi all

I use more than 4 online brokers and all of them support instant processing of instant payments. I get my funds within seconds.

With 212 it is not the case. I always send an instant payment but it is never processed instantly or fast enough.

This is essential in my opinion. I am in France and I use my French bank supporting instant SEPA payments

I’m sorry to hear that because my experience is the exact opposite. My deposit always arrives within seconds. Couldn’t be to do with your bank by any chance?

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It’s not my bank as it works fine with Degiro, interactive brokers, trade republic, kraken and coinbase.

I am based in france. Do you happen to be in UK? Maybe 212 processes instantly payments from UK-based banks?

I had this with another company. The Bank told me that the UK Banking target is 24 hours. However it is most often fairly instant.

Yes, that will probably be it then. Hope it improves for you.