Instant Bank Transfer Set Up Query

Need some assistance please;

Tried connecting to my bank today to set up the Instant Bank Transfer option.

Seemed all ok, I chose HSBC, got re-directed to my bank’s site and filled out all necessary info, and when I clicked ‘finish’, a message came up taking me back to Truview, but the screen just kept loading.

I read on your help section that at that point I should have been taken back to my T212 account dashboard, but nothing happened.

Tried refreshing but nothing. No error messages either, just a blank screen with a loading circle.

Can you please advise if the connection has now been made with my bank and if not, is there an obvious issue?

Does this take a couple days to get set up or should it be instantly set up?

Or shall I simply just try again?


Can’t help much I’m afraid but definitely should be instant connection set-up plus when you go into 212 app on that transfer option it should show a connected account - if it doesn’t then it didn’t work. I’d try again, if it still doesn’t work then try contact support or post here and maybe someone from the team can take a look.

Thanks for the reply. I will try again today and if I don’t get anywhere, I’ll post again asking someone from T212’s team to help. Thanks

Hey there @Michaelz :wave:

What you’re referring to in your post above seems like a difficulty we experienced recently, but we’ve fixed with our latest app (iOS / Android) version. If it happens that you’re using our Web-based platform you can try deleting your cache and attempt another time to connect your bank with the Instant Bank Transfer.

You can DM me if this doesn’t work out and I’ll make sure to check this thoroughly. :slight_smile: :ok_hand: