Instant Bank Transfer via TrueLayer not working - ‘name doesn’t match’ - ✅ Solved

I’ve tried to link my NatWest account via TrueLayer but I keep getting the error that the names don’t match. My name on my T212 account is, say, First Middle Last.

On my NatWest app, the account I’m selecting shows it as ‘LAST FM’, where FM stands for First Middle.

Does anybody else have this issue? Perhaps it’s with NatWest specifically and the way they pass the account holder name via TrueLayer?

I also had this issue with NatWest, @George any chance you can get this new format accepted?
Would be great if I could link my NatWest account rather than having to use Revolut as an intermediary.

Thank you for letting us know, guys,

We’ll take a look for you right away. :slight_smile:

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The account name is not your name. If NatWest is rejecting the connection because of a name mismatch you need to make sure your name in 212 is the same as the name on your bank account (not the bank accounts name itself, but your name)

I changed my name on Trading212 to match my full name, and it doesn’t work. It appears as though this check might be happening on T212’s side, as NatWest approved the connection and I am able to select my accounts and click continue, all the way to being redirected back to T212.

… this is literally what this post is about. I am well aware the difference between account nickname and actual bank account name. After checking with NatWest the format on my account is indeed e.g. Smith RJ as opposed to Robert John Smith. What 212 are investigating is whether they can change on their side to recognise this format.

You should be able to do it now, @WunDaii. Try again by using the same account, :+1: :grin:

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Thanks it works now! Wow what a quick turn around! :raised_hands:

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I misunderstood the issue, as WunDaii clarified its not to do with the increased security as the names match, but a bug on 212s side about account nicknames.

The account nickname yes, but not your name NatWest hold as the account holder which is what’s used for CoP. That’s always your full name

No this is incorrect. Spoke to NatWest about this in detail yesterday, they confirmed that for the connection Truelayer use on the account type I have, they pass through the full name in format e.g. Smith RJ as opposed to Robert John Smith. Nothing to do with account nicknames, just needed the format adding on 212 side.

Is there a work around if you havent included your middle name on 212 but the middle name exists in your bank details

Interesting, I wonder if its Truelayer specific, its not what im seeing elsewhere.

I’m getting this issue as well at the min.

Getting int to NatWest is fine - but get the error of the name not matching

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I’m banking with natwest too. I got my middle name added by the 212 support staff but I’m still having an issue depositing money.

Hey there @Dimwiddle & @soloinv,

I’ve taken a closer look for you, guys! :slight_smile:

Try again by using the same accounts and it should work. :+1:

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Still no luck for me with natwest:

same thing Joe Bloggs but Natwest returns Bloggs JG.
Also worth noting I don’t have my middle name on trading 212. I am not sure if this is essential in order for them to connect?

Cheers @L.D that’s seems to have worked now

Adding the middle name may do the trick but that alone didn’t work for me.

Hey @L.D, im having the same issue. Any chance you could resolve mine in the same way?

What was the addition fix that did work for you please?
I am presuming @L.D/support aren’t doing fixes on an account by account basis and it should be available to all of us?