Instant Bank Transfer via TrueLayer not working - ‘name doesn’t match’ - ✅ Solved

Check your inbox, @shane17. I’ve sent you a DM. :mailbox:

I’ll check that for you right away, @M1994


You’re all set guys, @shane17 @M1994

Try again, it should work for both of you now. :hammer_and_wrench: :+1:


There’s nothing much I could do on my end apart from get my middle name added

Much appreciated @L.D, that worked. Thanks for the quick response time!

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Hi, sorry to add to a thread that seem to be resolved however I am having the same problem. I did use the forum about a month ago to try and get the situation resolved and even supplied identification to have my details amended. I thought it had been sorted however I still get the message that my details do not match.

Is it possible that people might be given more access to their account details and more specifically the account name through the app?

I’m having the same issue! First time using the instant transfer. Given natwest use a different account name, it would be super helpful to edit it. Hope I can get a fix soon.

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Hey @L.D - Any help on this. I still can’t get it to work for Natwest. Thank you!

Hey there @jfrancis ,

Can you try again with the same account?

It should work now.

Let me know. :slight_smile:

Works now - Thank you!

Hi @L.D , I am also having the same issue using Natwest. Are you able to help?

Let’s try again, @MHarding!

It’ll work next time. :grin:

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Thanks @L.D, has worked now. Appreciate it!

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Hi @L.D , I’m having the same issue with Natwest and Truelayer. I’ve even tried depositing funds by bank transfer but it still hasn’t appeared in my account.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks DK

Your Instant Transfer via TrueLayer should work on your next attempt, @D.K. :slight_smile:

As regarding your BankWire transfer, there could be a delay with the processing of your deposit via this method, due to the increased volume of requests and interest. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Hi L.D, I am trying to connect to my Natwest app and having the exact same problem. I need to change my 212 name to WEST KT in order to connect. Is this something you can help with please? I’m looking to place some trades in an hours time so I’m hoping it’s a quick thing. Thanks.

You’re all set, @karl.t.west193. :wink:

Let’s try again! :+1:

Thanks @L.D Truelayer all working now and the bankwire transfer happened to appear just after setting up Truelayer.

Cheers DK

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I also cannot set up instant bank transfer with Natwest because of this. My name is correct but doesn’t include my middle name like my bank. How can I fix this?

Hi @L.D I am having this same issue, I get an error message when linking up my HSBC account. Truelayer opens up my online banking app and I allow the necessary permissions, however when reverting back to the trading 212 app I get the names not matching exact. Would appreciate if you could check to make sure the account names are matching up so I can set this up. Thank you in advance

Hi @L.D I’m having the same issue with Natwest instant bank transfer, says my name doesn’t match. Tried depositing by bank transfer but funds reappeared in my bank account a few days later. Could this please be looked at?