Instant Bank transfers

I’ve made a few instant bank transfers recently and have to always log in to the online bank via the app to get a code.

What plans are in place to have a seamless process for instant payments?


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I think that is how open banking works and that you need to authenticate each transaction. But happy for anyone else to say otherwise as I don’t know for sure.

I use open banking on other sites and always have to log into my banking app to authenticate.

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I use moneybox for passive saving and I’ve only logged in once. If I need to transfer extra funds, I dont need to log in. Hence why i mention it

I believe as @krr13 mentioned, this is part of open banking security.

It uses oauth2 protocol which uses tokens for authorization.

For payment API usually token is set to expire after very short period. (Minutes)

You wouldn’t want service provider to have access to your funds without you being aware now would you?

People sometimes forget that this security measures are for your protection…