Introduce a voting option on this forum

There are some great ideas on this forum, one of my favourites is the suggestion to show our buys/sell on each share chart, but I think it would be helpful for the team to include a voting option so that users can vote for their favourite ideas and give you a sense of where the demand is!

OR make the ‘most wanted features 2022’ post a regular thing? once every quarter to gauge what the community wants/needs? rather than once a year…


I think Mani means like an updoot on the topic itself - then you can see what users like the most:

That’s exactly what I meant, thanks @Scrooge_McCodf

That was me :joy: although it can be difficult to make sure you capture everything, as people word things in different ways.

Does liking a post not count in some fashion, or the interest in a thread. There are different ways to look at it.

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Liking a post probably does count in some fashion but a voting feature could influence the running order of posts on the forum so that the team always has sight of the top ideas that their users want most… it’s a simple tweak but should prove to be effective if the forum really has an influence over the priority of features being developed by the team

Every new feature is subject to tests, and depending on its complexity, it might take longer than expected until it’s live. Thus, we’d prefer to stick to annual posts like the one @Dougal1984 made for 2022.

As for the voting option, we’ll think about it. On a side note, we consider every suggestion, and we try to focus on those that have the most likes and comments on the forum together with the most requested ones on other social networks and communication channels (DMs, emails, chats).