INTT (inTEST Corporation)

I am writing to request the addition of INTT (inTEST Corporation) to the Trading212 platform. inTEST Corporation is a reputable company engaged in the design and manufacturing of engineered solutions for ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) used in semiconductor testing, among other applications. Here are some compelling reasons why INTT would be a valuable addition to our trading platform:

  • Market Performance:

    • As of 18 oktober 2023, INTT has a market capitalization of $182.73 million and has showcased a solid performance over the past year with a YTD return of 46,63%.
  • Growth Potential:

    • The semiconductor industry is poised for growth owing to the increasing demand for electronics and smart devices. INTT, with its innovative testing solutions, is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend.
  • Financial Health:

    • inTEST Corporation has reported strong financials in the recent quarters, with a positive earnings outlook.
  • Diversification:

    • Adding INTT to Trading212 would provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing in the semiconductor sector, which is a critical sector in today’s technology-driven economy.
  • Exchange Information from TradingView:

    • Ticker Symbol: INTT
    • Exchange: NYSE Arca
    • ISIN: US4611471008

I believe that including INTT in the Trading212 stock offerings will benefit many investors interested in the semiconductor and technology sectors. Moreover, it aligns with the ongoing demand for diversification and access to a broader range of investment opportunities on this platform.

I appreciate your consideration of this request and am looking forward to the potential of trading INTT on Trading212. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Great effort.

212 don’t have access to the ARCA though. A quick search would have saved you all this effort.

Welcome to the Community, @And135 and thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed post :pray:

@Scrooge_McCodf is correct, we won’t be able to offer the instrument.