Investing Failed - ✅ Solved

My monthly plan this morning has failed investing.
In Notifications it says “investing Failed” for no reasons because funds are there

Can you fix it?

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Yes, I’ve been getting this a few times over the last week. Clearly a bug, but having to do manual only trades is actually quite a big issue and this needs to be addressed asap.

I see my pie failed to invest too

Is this linked to markets being closed?

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Indeed it is.

So, should I manually invest the money this month? Or will they automatically be invested first thing this Monday?

Mine also failed over the weekend. I’ve checked my bank and my auto-invest amount is pending out of my bank but nothing is showing in the pie on the app.

Because it fails due to market closure, will my auto-invest amount NOT come out of my bank?

Edit: Just noticed the money is sitting as “cash” in my pie. So I’m assuming it will get invested at some point today.

I’m trying to invest my first £100 and have just been getting error messages all day? Can anyone give any pointers?!

The error message says AutoInvest - investing failed

I’ve sent you a DM, @Ryan111. Check your inbox when you can. :postbox: