Investing in yourself

Thought I would start a new thread before I head out on a different kind of investing. What have you done in the past year to invest in yourself?

Personally, I have taken up some new hobbies - Kayaking and Bouldering, but I am also looking to take up cycling, and take advantage of the cycle to work scheme with either a Frontier SX eagle trail bike or a Camino gravel bike.. I am veering towards the latter for good general handling on roads and trails, rather than purely off road.

Similar I am looking to expand my knowledge and hopefully benefit my career by some extra training qualifications - since ESG is becoming more and more important, this training course looks a useful addition to my CV. The only thing I would say, is that the current ESG ratings are rather taking a historic view of where the companies are at, and not where their journey is potentially heading but you do need to draw the line somewhere in order to get a level of consistency. It is a rating, however based on what has been proved in their results and actions to date.


Oh wow super active. So I’ve started walking again, I got into a nasty habit over the pandemic of barely moving all day so I’m trying to right that ship.

Other than that I set myself a challenge to read 25 books this year, I wanted to re-read the classics at some point and consume some new thoughts on the market and finance in general. If anyone wants to see how I’m doing and maybe get some ideas for new things to read, you can do so here:


I’ve started investing in my education and it’s now a part of my budget planning.

I’ve been doing an economics degree part-time and completing some professional qualifications such as the CFA’s entry-level investment management certificate.

I’d been out of education for over a decade but, from now on, I’ll always be studying something.

It’s enjoyable, increases my future earning power and keeps my mind sharp.


Same here, following a full time degree in Finance in distance learning while working full time. (For the last two years)

Also working on FRM certification. (Since a few months)

Preach brother! I hope to die studying.


Nice, emphatic goal there with 25.
I also used goodreads to set a reading goal - I tend to keep mine quite conservative with 12 - and if I meet or smash it then that’s a huge win and confidence boost.

I am also trying to increase my income to be able to put more into the market per month.
Have started teaching myself the basics of web and app development. With a goal to be in a job within 2 years.


I love those activities you mentioned, I mostly hike and so nature photography, but I’ve had depression for about 15 years and I’ve no friends so I rarely leave my house, unless I force myself out.


I’m tempted to shake up my hiking gear, and quite like just heading out by myself sometimes. Spent most of 2020/2021 in my own council area, and last time I went out hiking(Glen Nevis campsite), realised I had lost my airbed, my tent is on its last legs, and no idea where my camping stove has gone. It should have been all packed together but :person_shrugging:

I might get some gear for late this year, but thinking more epic trips for 2023! I also need to see how my work pans out incase I need to take a payout to change career direction.

You Scottish then, same.
Haven’t been camping in many years, last place was pentland hills.
Hope you get all the gear you need.

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wow guys I am in Yorkshire moved from deep down south Dorset last year, so every weekend i try to hike to new place so yeah been hiking Sat or Sun for the last 52 weeks really cool saw a lot of Yorkshire blimey is it hilly or what Been to Cairngorms mountain and Aviemore love it.
Enjoy hiking is free and you are with nature helps to digest all those books as well relax your mind to what you are investing
Have fab week guys - I am out this week with blimey Covid positive, did Morecambe bay costal walk last weekend must have caught it there


Very well done for both!!

The CFA demands a high commitment, time and mental discipline. During COVID, the CFA pass rates crashed.

Pass rates

The CFA exams are noted to be notoriously difficult with low pass rates. Pass rates for Levels 1-3 generally range from 22-56% during 2010-2021.[12] The CFA Level 1 examination in May 2021 and July 2021 made news headlines after plummeting to a record-low pass rate of 25% and 22% respectively,[13][14][15] and in August 2021 the level 2 pass rate fell to 29%.[16]

Between the CFA and FRM, would prefer the FRM, due that it takes less time to pass all the levels (2, CFA is 3). And I’m biased towards risk.

Although there are a lot of CFAs vs. FRM, specially for work expectations (Asian CFA candidates are huge). Risk management (FRM) is a growing area vs. Asset Management (CFA), due that financial analysts and asset managers are being replaced by indexing investing and AI.

I did both, BSc in Economics, PGD in Financial Analysis and a MSc in Monetary and Financial Economics. Because I felt the need of the Macro level of Economics and the specialized knowledge (Micro level) of Finance. One is more theoretical and the other more practical.

Since I graduated, I study everyday, only for pleasure of it, it became a routine, that I don’t even think that I’m studying. It’s a mix of pleasure and enrich myself with knowledge and potential financial gains. I try to have a edge, information is king, in every aspect of life.