Investment strategy: long-term (10-15 years)


I started investing at the beginning of August this year. In one month I’ve educated myself on the topic as much as I could. Now I’d like your opinion on my different investment strategies:

I’m in my thirties and my focus is long-term investing (10-15 years) - monthly cca. 200 EUR.

I’ll be thankful for every constructive advice.

Best regards!

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I think you might be overexposed to tech, all your pie’s have 4-5 tech stocks and nothing else. Things can go south very quickly this way I’ve just hit 30 and also aim for long term 15-20 years and would suggest you to go for more conservative approach. If you really like tech so much then EQQQ and VUSA would cover all of them whilst leaving you less exposed to risk. Now bear in mind I have very biased opinion when it comes to tech and would avoid them apart from AAPL and MSFT. This is what I have in my one and only pie To be fair I have £100 invested on NKLA on the side but god knows what will happen with that :blush: