Iran Takes on Trump

So, turns out Iran has requested an arrest warrant for no other than Donald Trump.


Lol… as if this market couldn’t get any more screwed up … they might have a war to prepare for now.
I wonder what backlash is going to come from this. Thoughts everyone? :slight_smile:

It’s time for the tariff :clown_face: to leave…

I don’t think it will cause anything.

If any country uses the warrant (interpol request) to arrest Trump on a presidential trip eg. when he meets another President or Prime Minister abroad, that would be seen by the USA as an act of war. So no, I don’t think any country would arrest Trump, at least not whilst he is the sitting President of the USA.

LOL . Who takes these declarations seriously. They are for internal political consumption. In some other countries there were street courts for foreign leaders. Those who believe these stuff ignore the world status quo.