Is there additional fx impact in pies?

My recent purchases are close to 2% down right upon purchase and around 1,6% is FX impact.

I was wondering if there is any other fx fee / fixed spread on investing via pies besides the new 0,15%? I have found nothing on T212 website so far…

Is this normal? Is there any way to check this before making a purchase to optimize?

Thanks for any replies

Hello @makod009,

The FX conversion fee will be applied to orders made within AutoInvest Pies as well should the currency of the traded holdings differ from the currency of your account.

There are no additional fees next to the FX fee. It is normal that the holdings are at a slight loss immediately after purchasing them since buying them is on the Buy price, while their result is calculated at the Sell price, which will always be lower than the Buy price due to the Spread.

The FX fee for each executed order can be checked in History. Furthermore, its amount can be seen for individual orders before their submission under the ‘Review Order’ window. This tab is visible when you place individual orders outside of Pies.

Alright, thank you for the answer… It just seemed wierd to me to have a 1,5% spread on currency :slight_smile: