Is there somewhere we can see a pipeline of future features that are in development?

Is there somewhere we can see what the development team are currently working on?

An additional question: I understand there is an affiliate program (mainly focussed on CFD trading) and the free share promotion (able to be used up to 20 times) but is there any other form of affiliate incentive / programme? I have 290,000 followers on Instagram I’d like to share Trading 212 with.



We don’t keep a public development pipeline. It would be a distraction for the dev team to maintain it and we’d like to surprise everybody from time to time. However, we regularly share here some upcoming features, usually a few weeks before their release.

At the moment we cannot offer you anything else besides the affiliate program and the free share promotion.

If you specialise in investing and you have highly targeted followers, we might come up with some other ideas for collaboration.