ISA and invest Dividend payments


  • do you get charged a fee from trading 212 for receiving dividends?

  • is there a difference between receiving dividends in an isa account and an invest account?

If im not using a cfd account can I still be charged any fees, if not how do you guys make your money?

I’m worried that im going to get stuck in and there get some heafty fees at some point.

Thank you

T212 makes money from the CFD platform hence the entire platform is fee free. because of how CFDs work T212 can make money. trading is essentially a gamble, and most people lose that gamble, its through these actions that T212 earns its income. In return T212 makes sure to provide the best possible service.

no fees are applied to dividends that I have ever been aware of.

the difference between ISA and invest would be in the tax status. assuming that in both cases you have filled the W8-BEN form, only a 15% tax would be applied to the dividend payment.

In an ISA account that is the end of it as ISAs are tax exempt.
For a normal invest account you have to fill out lots of paperwork to submit to the government about how much you earned, the taxes paid or remaining due etc.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate your detailed reply

@Dao just answered before me. But there is some additional information here:

No to both the above. Trading 212 are preferable to most brokers in that there is not even a foreign exchange fee for converting dividends to your base currency. Others charge 0.5% - 1% for this.

There is an official post about how Trading 212 makes money

I guess we have to hope that the CDF business remains sufficiently profitable.