ISA Transactions


I’m sure I could probably find the answer myself with a bit of digging but hoping for a swift answer to save myself some time.

Thinking about opening an ISA on the platform, but can anyone advise how inter-ISA transactions work? If I wanted to sell £500 Netflix shares and use that liquidity to purchase £500 more in IBM, is there a transaction function that can carry that out, minimising the amount of time the money is out of the market, or is this two separate manual transactions?

The latter isn’t the worst thing. Just asking.

The ISA works just like the Invest. It’s still a pot of funds that you can buy/sell as much as you want.

The only difference is that it counts how much you are paying into it from a bank/card etc so that you aren’t putting in more than £20k in one year to play with.

Once the money’s transferred in then go nuts! As you click sell the money goes straight back into your funds to then buy other things.

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Thanks Phil. I presumed as much but just wanted to be sure and also put it out there for anyone else wondering the same thing.

No worries, yeah it’s basically identical but you just get an extra page that looks like this that tells you how much you can top-up the account by in this financial year.

Once you hit £20k paid in you’ll need to use the invest account for the remaining part of the financial year. That’s a nice problem to have :smile:

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