ISA Verification and miss spelt name

Just opened an ISA account but had no contact/prompt to do any sort of verification, will I receive and email about this to get verified?

Also after going through sign up I’ve noticed my name has been entered wrong by one letter, is there anyway to change this?

Is this your first account in T212 or did you already have an investing/CFD?

First account, had a practice account 5+ years ago but through sign up it never said anything about this

@LCarpenter1998 so you’ve never had to give your National Insurance no/address etc?

Gave NI and Address during sign up, just expected to be prompted for Photo ID and/or a bill to prove address

@LCarpenter1998 Your account is active (check your spam folder for confirmation email) - we also perform electronic verification through different databases.

As of your name - sure, we can change it. Just send us an email to :+1:

I’ve emailed this email 4 times and they never reply.