iShares Sustainable Fixed Income ETFs


Would it be possible to have some sustainable investing options for fixed income ETFs like the ones from iShares:

  • SUSS
  • SUSU
  • SUOE
  • EMES
  • EMSA
  • IU0E
  • SGSU
  • SUOG
  • DHYD
  • DHYA
  • EHYA
  • EHYD
  • SUOU
  • 36BA
  • DDBB
  • GMES
  • UESD
  • UEDD
  • EUED
  • SUOA



Yes please! I personally would prefer if they were offered by a European provider (Amundi, Axa, BNP, Natixis…) but sustainable fixed income funds (mutual funds would be best!) are absolutely needed!
Maybe I haven’t searched right but there appears to be no fund of such nature available on the platform

The only keywords I know for finding “sustainable” products are Screened, Enhanced and SRI. Are there more similar keywords?

And I haven’t found any in the fixed-income section on the T212 platform yet.