ITM & Ceres Share Price Refresh Rate

ITM Power (ITM) and Ceres Power (CWR) share price seem to be lagging behind the market. I wonder if it’s just me or the actual refresh rate of the share price is not working properly.

I check this against Yahoo Finance and Webull. Let me know if you notice the same thing or I’m missing something obvious here.


ITM is currently under £1 and Trading212 shows £1,05. This is a bit frustrating to miss on the opportunity. Same with Ceres where it’s £3,79 on Trading212 and £3,61 on Yahoo Finance.

Isn’t Yahoo Finance delayed for non-US markets?

Both stocks aren’t updating overhere either.

@cezar There are two reasons why:

  1. Yahoo data is delayed which would inevitably result in discrepancies.
  2. Our chart prices show only the “BUY” price, not the “SELL” price. There is always a difference between them. Most, if not all, publicly available sources choose to show the “SELL”.
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This isn’t because of either of those two issues as ITM hasn’t updated at all since yesterday’s closed price - it’s like it’s just suspended trading. This is really concerning me about the overall 212 platform if stocks just stop trading randomly in the middle of a market like this.

It seems now it has been fixed, ITM is working fine and it is updating.

@David how come ITM has issues and it is working now when the issue it has been raised? It’s nothing to do with the above mentioned points as ITM was stuck since yesterday.

@TInkerTailor Apologies, I just checked & there was an issue on our end, only regarding ITM power. We’ve fixed it so this shouldn’t happen again.

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Thanks for confirming @David.

How do we know if other stocks are not being affected with the same issue? A small error like this can either lose people money or miss the opportunity to make money considering the market is on a historical dip.

@cezar I can confirm that as of now, no other stock is being affected by this. We’ve taken preventative measures.

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Thank you @David

Appreciate your swift reply and fix :slight_smile:

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