It's happening....! (AirBnb IPO)

ABNB ticker ?

Will it be available on Trading212 invest platform?

They day/date it’s due to IPO, then T212 will have it available (more than likely available as a fractional as well) from the offset. No dates have been given yet though @Holmen.

Are you able to make an order before the IPO is live on the stock exchange market?
e.g they want to IPO for $20 you get it for $20 then its live on the market.
Or will it come onto the market at $20 and then you have to be quick at buying it?

The IPO price will only be available to people with big bucks that can buy them. Once the stock is listed, the people that bought the stock pre IPO can then dump it on the open market for us peasants to buy from the institutionals.

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Thanks nick. So we can buy the IPO via 212 premarket?

Unfortunately not. As a private company they have already sold or placed all the shares that they are going to issue. This is known as the primary offering. When the company goes public, these people can then sell the shares to us on the open market for whatever price the market wants to pay.

The shares will start trading at the opening bell on whatever date that will be. I can’t say for certain, but I’m sure T212 will make sure it is available on the day.


True it’s not favourable “right now”.

Was listening to a great interview recently on “Real Vision”, and the guest said something along the lines that the best investment usually is the one that makes you want to vomit at the the time you’re making it.

Knowing how badly beaten the industry is and it’s uncertain perspectives - this might be that specific case.