I've been trying to get my account verified for over 2 months - ✅ Solved

I’ve tried to contact support for every channel possible, ticket social media, etc. Now I’m trying this channel maybe I’m lucky.

I know other users will not be able to see this but if someone from T212 is looking please check all my interactions on the following tickets


All about the same, trying to verify my account and documents provided you have requested.

Shame to see that you have really been having a tough time getting this sorted.
The best I can do is ping the admins for you.

@George @Tony.V Could you possibly help this guy out.

Alternatively, if you have not already, you could email id@trading212.com to resolve ID verification. You may have gone through this route already, so hopefully admins will be in touch.


From what I can see step-by-step instructions have been provided during the whole course of your account verification process.

I understand that providing us with some documents that you have on hand is easier, but we have a limited range of options set by the regulator.

I will DM you with further details and I’m sure we can sort this out.

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Btw your Customer support is non existent via mail. Waiting for a reply since two weeks!

Can you please provide me with your ticket number in a DM? From my end I can see that your account is fully verified and all your tickets are answered and resolved.

Thank you. I will take a deeper look into this and I will provide you with an answer shortly.

This matter has been fixed thanks to Michael. A+++