January sales: what have you been buying?

I’ve bought forward my monthly contribution a few days to buy some more SMT and ATT.


Picked up some more SMT. I hadn’t been keeping track of their portfolio recently so surprised to see SpaceX makes up 2 %. I also don’t remember their annual charges being so low (0.34 %).

I’ve also been adding to my MNKS position.

Bought more SMT and a few other index funds. Also I bought some more BABA. At these prices I can’t resist.

I’m curious as to people’s thoughts on the future of the FAGMAN stocks?

There was a nice write up in the FT at the weekend that perhaps Netflix is suffering from a market which has basically reached its peak. That Netflix may need to pivot or rethink its operations and revenue model if it is to continue growth. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Or perhaps it is just a blip - perhaps it is unrealistic for them to be profitable every quarter for 10 years.

As for Facebook, lord knows what they’re up to but it doesn’t look like a promising future in my opinion.

They were profitable in this one. Incredibly so. They grew revenue per subscriber at a greater level than those that left. 1% churn on a 10% price increase is very, very good, we’re just used to even better.

Netflix is in the frog boiling business. Get folk in cheap and slowly crank up the prices. We might have reached peak price here in the UK & US, folk might not go much higher, but in APAC, SA etc. na we’re just getting started. Netflix hinting they’ll add in some ad supported content is incredible news for shareholders who spot growth in those areas and know that as supported content is the best way to get meaningful contributions quickly, whilst the middle-classes flesh out.


Ah, you’re right, it was subscriber loss, not revenue loss, that caused the drop.

I was a bit surprised to hear about the ad content subscription model to be honest. It seemed a core part of Netflix’ model was disrupting traditional media with no ads, and releasing content all at once. Then again, this is part of their growth strategy and possible pivoting I guess.

I think it will remain their policy, but for those who think the price is too much, watching a few adverts could make the price more manageable whilst mitigating damage to Netflix’s bottom line.

It hurts :smiling_face_with_tear:


Thanks to Gods I didn’t have enough free funds to make any of those purchases. :joy:
Obviously there will be some good moment, might just DCA a little bit next month to make those a small percent of my portfolio.

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RIP Investment… :pleading_face:

Not touching growth or big tech until Apple/MSFT get back to pre covid levels…

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I really want a <$200 MSFT Have been wanting to add more for a while but always been highly valued last year or two.

Apple is above pre covid levels?

Post split price pre covid was 50-80 USD range…

You should adjust that for inflation.