Join the waitlist to open a new account

Because of the huge influx of new accounts, they temporarily disabled people making new accounts while they work through the backlog of sign ups. Unfortunately you’ll just have to wait until they reenable new sign ups

Yes your temporary unable to create an account. I feel for you :slightly_frowning_face:

Are there any new updates so far ?


Hi @Tony.V hope all is well. Just checking if you have an update yet? I have 2 friends who’ve used my link and are looking forward to starting their investing journey. On another note, thanks for adding the Belgium and Austrian exchanges. I can’t wait for more markets to come.


Hello Tony,

Do you have any news, even approximate?

Due to the introduction of the recent fees, I’d like to create a new EUR account and slowly terminate my current one as I understood a currency change on my current account is not possible.

Thank you !

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I understand the impatience and the hype - any updates will be promptly listed. Bear with me :pray:


Any news on this…? Or even a timeline for when it might happen?

Friend of mine is sitting 100% cash in Freetrade just waiting for T212 to open up so it can be transferred across and invested…

(Would prefer not to eat forex fees and spreads on investing in Freetrade if the funds can be transferred soon)

Your friend can Invest in the meantime and then sell and transfer later.
I don’t get all these people waiting for an account with a broker and not using their own in the meantime, I get if you didn’t have a broker at all. Especially with brokers like Freetrade where fees are really low.
And before someone says “yes but then selling in profit means paying taxes”, better pay taxes on a profit than pay no taxes on no gains. Every $ earned is a step closer to financial freedom.

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Any update on when 212 will be accepting new users again? It has been a few months and as an existing user I can see improvements, am starting to get slightly concerned on the longer term stability of the platform with no new users allowed to sign up.

I have had a few people ask me my thoughts on 212, but they’ve now gone elsewhere so that is business lost in a sense.


Guys , you really need to fix the problems with your web before you getting new accounts opening!

What I learned is that prices on this web are always higher than the actual prices on market, I checked it
Also the speed of streaming is very low as it’s impossible to buy or sell for the price you want so never had an idea on what you actually buying or selling for as often it’s coming up with different amounts
Putting some orders takes so long as after the order was accepted you ll find out that you paid more than you expected
And finally, the prices showed you own are different to the prices showing by clicking the SELL button and it’s so annoying! as if I would knew it before , I would not miss to sell at a small lost but I didn’t sell because it been showing much higher lost and I decided to wait - guessing it will takes very long now to get at least my money back

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Sounds like you’re looking at low liquidity stocks with big spreads to me…

Go do some reading


Perhaps, new users should do some financial literacy questionnaire (similar to MiFID II) to allow them to invest.

With several levels of difficulty, until they pass that, should be unable to invest in some complex instruments (e.g. penny stocks, leveraged/short ETFs/ETCs/ETNs, CFDs, iliquid stocks).


Not true, buy and sell prices on Invest and ISA are the same as the exchange prices

That’s how market orders are, there is no guarantee of the execution price, you need to use Limit orders.

The SELL price is clearly displayed for each instrument.

Finally, I think you do not really understand how trading in shares and stocks work, there are plenty of online and written material to help you.


Perhaps, new users should do some financial literacy questionnaire (similar to MiFID II) to allow them to invest.
With several levels of difficulty, until they pass that, should be unable to invest in some complex instruments

Very good idea!

Would also be interesting to know what stocks mp555 has been buying that are ‘slow’, with some actual details so we could independently verify and help educate them if it’s actually because they are buying some more illiquid type stocks, perhaps ones suggested on Reddit or a site like that.

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Perhaps, new users should do some financial literacy questionnaire (similar to MiFID II) to allow them to invest.

I signed up for a Degiro account recently and they have individual tests for everything… Equity options, index options, ETFs, OEICs, REITs. I think it’s a great system since it I learned a lot just by taking the tests. It’s probably a decent amount of effort to put it together but a couple of slides and then multiple choice questions at the end could pre-answer a lot of the forum questions!


Please can we have an update. I’m again asked by my friends about this. Also, to be honest, I’m starting to agree with some of the others in this thread that this is becoming worrying now. Please can we have a direct answer, and not a generic we’re update you when ready one. Cheers guys.


I am afraid we have no estimated time at the moment or any updates on the topic either. However, we are actively working towards reopening registrations for new customers.

Will keep you posted. Once again, thanks for the patience!

Also, make sure to check our article dedicated to the topic for the most recent updates.


Thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully, all will return to normal soon.

Just referred a mate and he’s been added to the waiting list. Is this still ongoing from the fallout of the gamestock short squeeze shenanigans? Also how long have people been waiting before getting an account roughly?

If you have a search you’ll find a related thread and be able to answer your own question.