KIIDs / KIDs - Errors!?

Hello all.

Just looking over the linked KIIDs/KIDs for your ETC/ETF range and wanted to highlight a few things:

Some links don’t work.
For example IE00BP3QZB59

Some link to the wrong document.
For example IE00B53HP851 links to document:

Which is the KIID for IE0005042456 which is a close relation of IE00B53HP851 but not quite accurate. Not the highest crime I do realise!

Some (actually quite a lot!) are out of date
For example IE00B3Q19T94
You link to a document dated 25/05/2018
Via the magic of the finki KIIDs API (plug plug!) I can tell you the latest document for the product was released 18/02/2019

Any queries -


Hi there!

I agree and I can add one more that I’ve noticed: KID for VWRL.
Also, would be cool the TER info to be found under Instrument details in the app too. Or the whole KID document directly to be dowbloadable. It’s not so convenient to leave the app everytime for this kind of information (especially TER).

Yeah, agreed. I was being polite. Examples I gave were to highlight the issues only. The number of incorrect KIIDs on t212 is , well, a lot! VWRL surely one of them. A lot (Like, 60!) we’re broken links. A lot out of date and therefore showing incorrect charges.

If T212 or anyone wants this or any analysis I produce…

April 2020 - KIID ERRORS Update

I think (although not 100% certain) but Trading 212 now are not linking to a single correct KIID in the entire asset universe

Trading 212 have about 320 stocks and ETFs that require KIIDs to be produced.
About 60+ simply have no link
About 100 of the links to the KIID PDFs do not work
A few are links to factsheets not KIIDs
About 160+ are links to out of date KIIDs

If anyone at Trading212 wants help with this I’m at
@David @George @Ivan

@Finki Don’t know what you’re talking about. :upside_down_face:


Me neither
Rantings of a mad man
All your KIIDs are correct and up to date
My mistake
I was 100% confused
You are entirely corrent and presenting an accurate pre-sale picture of costs to your clients

As you were

(Sarcasm - in case anyone’s unclear)

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