Knowledge of a Stock Split? BIOCEPT - BIOC


I was looking at an old buy/sell of BIOC and noticed the lows of $0.80 +/-. Then the present price at around $4.0. But could not see such a low on TradingView but found a massive gap up on I then noticed a Stock Split (S), which I had not come across before …

What Is A Stock Split? – Forbes Advisor

I then cannot understand why this gap is not shown everywhere. Even 212!

Any pointers, please?


Was it a reverse stock split by any chance?

By that I mean you got 1 share for every 5 old say?

That way 1 new share at $4 is equivalent of 5 old shares at $0.8

Some data providers factor this in when looking at the graph of the price history, so it shows you like for like over the period.

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It was a 10-1 reverse split, I was in this unfortunately. A complete mess running the show.

Everyone was expecting 0.8 into 1.6 then they reverse split which very rarely is a good thing. They had plenty of time to get back above the needed $1.

So $0.8 and $8 is the same value so you can see how screwed people got.

I only exited about £100 loss.

Charts are corrected prior to the split date. In this multipled by ten.

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I was not in the trade at the time.

I keep my own Google Spreadsheet and recently added a function to monitor past trades on profit or loss. Then this popped up … I was WT! :rofl:

I had to repeatedly go back and forth thinking, I have got this function wrong somewhere! :neutral_face:

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