Leaving to a new country soon. Any Tax issue?


I am moving back to my country next month (currently living in Germany) and would like to know the followings:

  1. If I don’t withdraw my stock options and let it grow, am I still eligible for paying tax in Germany? I will no longer work at the German company by the end of this month and move to another country. I am asking as my investment is quite volatile and glow up and down -/+ 20% every week. I am not sure if the German tax can be imposed on my profit which has been withdrawn from Trading 212. Perhaps, I can claim my dividend to the German government but I want to know if anyone knows about this matter.

  2. Can I still keep the Trading 212 app? I am moving back to Korea (South) but I am planning to leave my bank account (ISA) open and running. Is it possible?