Let us set up buy orders when markets are closed

I just lost out a big rise on the dax because i could not queue up my buy order. come on 212 lets sort these things out

Agree. It is frustrating to note that I can’t book an order for the LSE tomorrow morning.

what are you going for. im looking for inspiration

ITM / AFC / CWR - they are bound to rise tomorrow morning. Wanted to catch any trades that I can before they go BOOM.
Already they are trading very high (AFC >£1) on Tradegate.
Really, really wish Trading 212 add Lmit orders when markets are closed.

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Pending orders can be created both for CFD and Equity accounts on our platform outside the market hours. This issue was temporary and it has been sorted.

Additionally to what @Rumen wrote:
We are aware that the current setup where we close markets during holidays is not optimal and are working on a better solution.