Let's be like Bill Ackman (more or less)

I have just discovered that you also have a forum for your community of investors and it would be great to have a way to help people like me be activists investors by providing a way for us to band together and influence companies through the might of our collective share ownership.

Mali is the country where I was born. So I know the resources will acquired and developed whether I invest or not. So I have invested with Kidal Minerals because I do think that their project is promising. However, if Trading212 could connect me to like minded investors and provide with the tools to take and enact collective decisions (e.g. request a level of Corporate Responsibility, guarantee a level of respect for the local environment and population etc.) That would be amazing.

I do think it would make the platform stand out from the competition and attract many more investors to the first platform who will implement this but all those that will follow suit. Although money matters, many people need more than that. A good example is the national lottery. Many people are happy to play and lose because they know that part of their money will have a positive impact on society. I don’t like gambling so I’m not making that kind of comparison with investing. It is a great demonstration of the point I’m trying to make though.


It would be amazing, I agree, however it would require T212 to have a fair percentage of a company invested and that is very unlikely. T212 users would probably have to own at least around 3% of a company to have any say at all, and that is alot of shares. It is very unlikely that T212 would ever own on our behalf such a number of shares of one individual stock, even if its a small cap.

I do think that they have a greater chance than other platforms :wink: . T212 is currently better than any other platform I know of.

(I saw your other post)

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If I got the correct stock it just has a market cap of 14 million pounds so doesn’t seem too far out of reach. I actually find the idea suggested by @boubainlive quite intriguing. It’s not currently possible but maybe once we have the possibility to use our voting rights on T212 held stocks (don’t know if this is in the pipeline, doesn’t seem like a big priority but would make them even more different from the competition) we can just call to action through the forums or something.


But it requires many users to invest which seems unlikely.
As I said, I do agree with the idea though :smiley:.