Limit order on fractional shares

Why can’t we place a limit order on fractional shares? Why does it have to be whole shares?


We’re currently developing limit, stop and stop/limit orders with fractional shares :slight_smile:



I would love possibilities to set price based on %.

Ie buy limit -5% current price, limit 2. -10%. Etc :slight_smile:

Make it happen please :slight_smile:


This is a nice idea. We will add it to our backlog. :slight_smile:


Good idea! :+1:
I would add also an option to choose the currency (basically it adapts on the FX rate).

Hi any idea on when you will release this feature? Thanks

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George, do you have any date on this feature? It’s so important , it determine my attitude in buying stocks because I cannot afford to buy a full stock as amazon or google…and if fractioned I need an instrument to keep my risk under control

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Hopefully it comes with major update in May…

By the end of Q3 or earlier.


Hi any news on when this feature will be implemented?


Considering the volatility of the market, I think you should prioritize this thing. It makes no sense imho to have fractional shares if you cannot set a sell limit or stop limit!


I agree, to manage risk i need to put stops in the fractional shares


I was looking long time for the stop limit in fractional shares, any news about?


I don’t want to be a pain but wondered if you had an updated timescale on this feature, It is just that I have recently got into trading, but now I am working part-time again it means that I sometimes start a trade on one day, and the day where it gets to a price that I am happy with will often be a day that I am working, this means it can quite often go the other way and result in me losing more money.

I appreciate you must be under a lot of stress right now but just wanted to highlight the importance of this feature and how much more accessible it would make low-value trading for people that can’t always be looking at their pc/phone app.

Many Thanks.


Well this aged well. Any chance of you communicating an update to us or bury your heads in the sand as per usual?

Damn, kinda harsh and entitled. Remember there’s a human on the other end reading that. Understand the frustration but timelines naturally slip sometimes and T212 are very active with updating/developing the app with new features, so it’s not for lack of trying. Let them have another quarter’s grace to manage your own expectations.


Genuinely no need for this, there are not many platforms (if any!) that give you the amount of interaction & actually listen to customers feedback like T212. Would you want some rushed features which could go wrong when you have your own hard earned money in this platform? Not to mention the many features we already have.


@tradz @Alpha I wouldn’t say it’s harsh at all. People value honesty far more than empty promises. I’d much rather be told about a delay than left in the dark about what’s going on. Agreed. I’d also rather have a feature that works well rather than one plagued by errors. However, they do manage to get the basic features wrong whilst people have their hard earned money involved… (see below)

I know we’ve missed Q3, but i really do hope to see this feature soon, i think it adds such value to owning a fractional share too!

Just like the users above I would also like to sell fractional share limit orders, but completely understand that it takes time. Keep up the good work!