Lindsell Train Japanese Equity B Sterling Quoted GBP

Please could you add the Lindsell Train Japanese Equity Fund.

The same as this topic, only changes the asset management firm:

Bottom-line: T212 don’t offer OEICs/Unit Trusts/SICAVs/ICVCs/FCPs.


As RLX says, it ain’t going to happen any time soon. There are plenty of alternative Japan ETFs and ITs on T212 such as VJPN, XDJP, BGFD and BGS though.


That’s a shame, one of the few Japanese trusts where I actually like the holdings, I’ve looked at almost all of them and I’m just not a fan

But its not a trust?

The name says it all. :wink:


And some much better track records out there for Japan exposure too.

Ah semantics, not that we can buy that one either yet.
I like the holdings in that as well though tbh, prefer both of them to the others I’ve checked out, I’ll keep an eye out for it

I think FSSA has really caught the semiconductor boom, looking at Lasertec, Keyence, and Tokyo Electron

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It all depends what you are looking for - investing in Japan with a management team with a proven track record in the hope of achieving the best return, or investing in a specialised/niche area, in which case you need to find the fund with investment objectives aligned with your own.

If you’re interested in GBP, then this should give you a list of Japanese/smaller company Trusts that should* be tradable on 212.

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