Live Chat disabled?

In the last 24-48 hours no replies to urgent emails, Live Chat disabled. Is the company in trouble ??


Emails don’t get responded to so quickly because they receive many every day and have to respond to them in chronological order for fairness. The live chat gets temporarily disabled when there are too many people trying to use it for their limited support staff to answer everyone.


Well I was unable to vote my shares yesterday in the KCAC/QS merger because T212 were unable to answer questions which were repeated over more than a week. Still no reply.
The obvious observation is you are badly under-staffed.
Investors will on occasion need immediate or near immediate answers to a problem. Answering backlogs prevents urgent queries from being answered.

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You are using their services for free. It’s not like they have $$$ to splurge on huge call center. If you want immediate answers or perhaps even your personal investment banker on the phone then go to one of the big banks and pay them high fees.


I’m sorry. Who asked you ?

They have enough money to pay for expensive advertising across Europe. And as for a free service I presume you are joking ?

If you have nothing constructive to say then please be quiet.


I may be wrong here, but I think because the shares come byway of Interactive Brokers, on this platform we are not allowed voting rights. So I think for the merger you may not have been able to vote regardless.

It’s the same for receiving perks for owninig shares - like 10% off meals etc, we do not have this as technically T212 are the ones that got the shares given to them which we subsequently buy off of T212. Weird technicalities I think and I don’t fully know the whole lot - but thought I’d just let you know :slight_smile:



Well thanks…it’s an interesting question. But re perks you are not right I think as I have already claimed my Gold Card as a shareholder in Accor Hotels.

I may be wrong, but all I knew from prior posts was some discounts could not be offered as there was something to do with no proof of ownership or something like that.

I’m really vague on this one - sorry :smiley:

Thankfully the merger went ahead without me :grinning:

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There are no instruments on the platform to vote in SPAC mergers, this was already discussed here during summer. You had to physically call the dedicated merger line for that.

@perrigaux In your previous post I shared the reason why our chat is currently disabled:

We understand how crucial every single inquiry is, and we’re doing our best to reply to all questions. A delay might be experienced before we reach you, though, due to the high volume.

Higher volume = inquiries from existing + new clients, so we’re doing more than fine in terms of growth, but the logical consequence of all this is a slight delay in the processing time.


I did. Thanks for your response

This always confuses me. The services we are using are in no way free. I’ve paid over 1k this year to T212.


Well how much do you pay to T212 for services? If you are only using Invest account then the only form of payment to T212 is that we let them lend out our shares. If you’d want to receive the money from lending yourself, you have to sign up directly at IB or any other broker who offers it and there are most likely fees and proceeds from lending are not much if you don’t have a big chunk of shares. Granted your shares are even lent out as there are a lot of investors who want to make this little extra $ from owning shares.

Banks and other more traditional brokers have fees (ranging from reasonable to expensive) which provides them with much more extra cash to spend on staff and other things. Tell me, how can you expect the same level of service from broker with no fees vs broker with fees? This is of course not an excuse for T212 to provide terrible service however we cannot expect miracles so for them to take their time to process the backlog of inquiries and answer in a few days is fine.

A delay is one thing. Broken promises by your agents and direct rudeness however is unacceptable. On Tuesday one of your agents said to me “it might be a good idea to contact us sooner next time, not the day before the vote”…I had been asking the same question for a week !


You paid 1k in fees to T212 this year?

Yes, probably over 1k actually.

But you are talking about CFD account, right? In that case yes, there are fees and it is not free however Invest accounts have no direct cost.

Again, just because they don’t charge fee doesn’t mean you should get worse service.

They’re a financial services company aiming to be trusted with £billions assetts. Yes, they should invest more in the support and customer facing staff, or they won’t continue to be trusted with peoples money.

They’re not a charity, they’re very much making money and when they monetise the invest and isa platform in the future they’ll be making even more.


I’d be happy to pay a platform fee, don’t know why people are so excited about 0 fee. They could charge £100 for isa and I’d still use it as the 0 fx premium is what sets them apart from any competition. They should focus on that, it saves me £1000s.