Long wait on Dividends

Waiting on iShares Small Cap Japan dividend dated 26th July.

Vanguard Dividend tends to come a day after Pay date but Blackrock seems to not be as speedy.

@Team212 Any timeframe for this?

Kind regards

I can’t give any timeframes, but I’ll let you know when there’s any news :ok_hand:

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Hi. Not received last dividend payment from Vodafone on 4th August. Am I just been too eager

yep too eager

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@Venetia1993, the distributed the dividends for iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap (Dist).

@MrIvorg, you should receive the dividends either today or, at the latest, tomorrow :pray:

Just want to say something positive here. I was a bit frustrated at the fact that UK dividends were one, or even two working days late, but the last 6 or 7 dividends have been same day bang on time. Well done T212 and be great if you are able to keep this up!


I will echo this, had a few dividends the last couple weeks on the actual payout date ,keep up the good work.

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Southern Copper was late tbf

Hi @Bogi.H / @Team212
In what concerns the dividend of #main street capital, T212 has been paying the dividend based on an amount of 0.23usd/share however the correct amount should be 0.235usd/share. This has been happening since the May dividend.
Can you please clarify/correct this situation?
Thank you

The dividends for July and August were indeed 0.23 USD. The date format on the screenshot seems to be MM/DD/YYYY, hence the confusion.

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You are right @Bogi.H

Sorry for the confusion

@Bogi.H et al. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the dividends lately. They’ve been paid on the same day of issue, well done on the great service. :blush: