Long wait on Dividends

Quick update on this, @Use4clj - the dividend was paid earlier today :raised_hands:

Yes they did😎 bring on them dividends🤣

Is there any reason I have not received the dividends from MONDD due 28 Feb

We’re awaiting our intermediary to distribute the dividends from Mondi Plc (MONDY). Once that’s done, we’ll allocate the proceeds to eligible shareholders.

We distributed the dividends to all eligible shareholders.

Thanks for the update

Apparently, the BIP dividend, paid on 28/03 hasn’t been received on 03/04 yet…

The dividends will be paid by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay :pray:

thank you for the follow up Bogi ! :slight_smile:

The dividend has been paid :ok_hand:


Is the Sylvania Platinum Dividend delayed by IBKR?

The payment date was the 5th and traditionally we got it on the same day.

Kind regards

I’ll check and will get back to you :pray:

Update: The dividend has been paid.

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