Looking for Nordea Bank stock is this the right stock on 212

I can see NRDBY but its priced in dollars which a little odd for a European bank. do i have the right stock for the right company i feel there is growth here and a good dividend

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A stock can be available in different countries and currencies. Nordea Bank, for example, is also listed in Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Italy and the UK.

The version available on T212, NRDBY, is traded on the US over-the-counter markets. It’s what’s called an American Depositary Receipt (more details below).

A couple of points to be aware of: it seems you can’t hold NRDBY in an Isa and any dividends may be subject to withholding tax either way.

At a glance, Nordea looks a solid company though.

Thanks for that. I currently have a help to buy isa so can have no more. Would make sense for 212 to add the uk and eu version of this. But will have to make do. If I go to a proper broker the fees make investing not worth bothering with

No worries. By the way, I think you can hold a stocks and shares Isa as well as a Help to Buy Isa.

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In the same tax year you can open and fund:

cash ISA
lifetime ISA (LISA)
stocks and shares ISA (S&S ISA)
Innovative finance ISA (IFISA)

The combined is £20k deposited each tax year and a max of £4k in the LISA you have.

So you could do using the full allocation

£4k LISA
£16k S&S ISA

Edit to add to @topher who has already answered it if you search it’ll say ADR and if sponsored/unsponsored and what the relation is to the original.

In this case 1 = 1 (you can also do a quick check converting USD into SEK)