Lost 2FA, locked out forever?

I’m a bit worried that I’m totally locked out of my account, potentially for a long time.

I had 2FA set up to log in, and forgot that this uses the Authenticator app and not SMS (and didn’t realise there is no backup SMS or call option like other sites such as google, amazon etc) so the Authenticator app really is the only way to get in.

I got a new phone recently and logged in, using the code from the Authenticator app (on my old phone) and set the app to remember my new device.

Today I randomly got logged out of the app, and it won’t let me back in without a 2FA code. Unfortunately I already got rid of my old phone without transferring Authenticator across. Bad mistake, my fault, I know!

I’ve contacted support and got an auto response that I should provide a photo of my ID and a selfie to get back into my account. Problem is: I don’t have my ID at the moment, it’s at my workplace where I’m not currently allowed in due to the pandemic. I don’t know how long it will be before I can get it.

I’ve sent messages asking for more help but had no response yet.

Just wondering if anyone knows of any other way to get back into an account? Really I need to get back in as soon as possible to make changes to my investments, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get my ID. Surely there must be another way I can verify my identity using email, phone number, anything?

Appreciate any help. :worried:

Honestly, your fastest bet to recovery will be following the Trading212 steps they have laid out.
That said, there are multiple forms of ID which may possibly be acceptable, you could try use another one possibly.

Unfortunately your situation is relatively limited.

You mentioned the reply you received was automated, and in an effort to hopefully help, I can raise a flag on this post for Trading212 staff attention.
Hope this helps, but if possible try obtain your ID as soon as possible.


In addition to what Adm mentioned.

Here is a list of documents accepted:

I would be surprised that they grant access to someone without valid document.

Imagine someone asking for your account, allowed to activate with just email or phone number which he just stole credentials for.


Thanks both for your replies. Yep, I totally appreciate the reason and importance behind having to verify it is definitely me to reset 2FA. I will try to verify with another form of identification.

Thanks again!